About CGC

The Consumer Genetics Conference (CGC) is a one-of-a-kind event that draws together a dynamic community of scientists, clinicians, technology innovators, and patients to discuss the burning issues around the analysis and delivery of genomics results directly to patients and consumers. Over three days, attendees will hear about disruptive diagnostic technologies, cognitive barriers to patients (and medical professionals), ethical/regulatory/privacy issues, the thorny issue of reimbursement, and the challenges of building relationships to realize the potential of personal genomics and individualized medicine. CGC provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together at one venue, share viewpoints and engage in an honest dialogue, and together learn how to move the elephant of change.

Since its debut in 2009, CGC has established itself as the original, unbiased event for advancing personal genomics to empower individualized healthcare. The program features business, academic, medical, and technology thought leaders presenting the latest research and case studies on the progress of an individual's ability to investigate their own DNA sequence, whether for health, genealogy or just plain curiosity, and the broader ecosystem behind advances in DNA sequencing, diagnostics, and forms of personalized healthcare. CGC provides a unique outlet where all voices can be heard: pro & con, physician & consumer, research & clinical, academic & corporate, financial & regulatory. 

Program Topics:

  • Whole Genome Debates 
  • Translational Genomics 
  • Clinical & Third-Generation Sequencing 
  • Personal Genome Analysis & Interpretation 
  • Empowering Patients: Companies & Technologies 
  • Molecular Diagnostics & Point-of-Care 
  • Investment & Funding Opportunities 
  • Reimbursement Models 
  • Five-Year Plan for Consumer Genomics 
  • Data Analysis & Management 
  • Ethics, Privacy & Regulation 
  • Digital Health Tracking Apps 

For more information, please contact:

Cindy Crowninshield (educational program)

Jay Mulhern (sponsorships and exhibits)

Dave Mello (marketing and partnerships)




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