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Five Challenges to Using Your Genome
At last week’s 5th annual Consumer Genetics Conference, hundreds of scientists, clinicians, app developers, and analytical experts convened to talk about DNA analysis for healthcare and consumer applications. The good news: legions of clever, highly motivated people are working hard to make sense of the human genome and help the rest of us lead better lives. The bad news:

Ötzi the Iceman Leads a Wave of Genetics Buzz
The boom was explained in September by National Geographic’s Genographic Project Director Spencer Wells at the Consumer Genetics Conference in Boston. “The big inflection point in genetic testing has happened this year. As genetic consumers, we surpassed one million, and Genographic was responsible for about half of those participants,” stated Wells. “But the cool thing is it will only take a year to hit the next million.”

At CGC, New PGen Study Data on Emotional and Practical Impacts of DTC Testing
At last month's Consumer Genetics Conference, Robert Green of Brigham and Women's Hospital presented initial data from the PGen study, tracking subject's reported emotional reactions and follow-up behaviors to personal genetic testing up to six months after receiving results.

Anagram edition: “Ice Genus”
I was in the audience when Anne Morris, co-founder of GenePeeks, gave a presentation to outline the services that they are aiming to provide at the Consumer Genetics Conference.

Do consumers who order gene testing discuss results with their doctors? Not likely, study finds
If you could pay $100 to gaze into a crystal ball and determine any diseases that may be lurking in your future, would you do it?

A Genetic Matchmaking Movie Isn't So Far-Fetched
An upcoming film, The Perfect 46, is about a fictional genomics company with a not-so-fictional idea.

A Field Maturing: The 2013 Consumer Genetics Conference
The 5th annual Consumer Genetics Conference wrapped up last Friday in Boston, after three days of rich discussion, new ideas and products, and a bit of debate.

The era of genetic transparency is almost here
Matter has a very long feature by my friend Virginia Hughes, Uprooted, on how personal genomics is changing, and sometimes disrupting, family relationships.

Director of NatGeo Genographic Project Claims Consumer Genomics Has Become “Mainstream”
Sometime earlier this year, the millionth person ordered a direct-to-consumer genetic test.

GnuBIO Unveils Sequencer at Consumer Genetics Conference, Reports Zero Error Rate in Internal Tests
At the Consumer Genetics Conference last week in Boston, GnuBIO unveiled its $50,000 desktop sequencer, which recently shipped to the first of the company's beta testers ahead of a wider commercial launch of the system expected next year.

Genepeeks firm to offer 'digital baby' screen for sperm donors
A service that digitally weaves together the DNA of prospective parents to check for potential disease in thousands of "virtual babies" is set to launch in the US by December.

At Investor Confab, Illumina Details 'Enormous' DTC Demand as Market Shifts to Less Complex Chips 
Illumina CEO Jay Flatley forecasts “enormous” demand from direct-to-consumer genetic testing market.

George Church Fielding X Prize Team; Says Sequencing Strategy May Combine Many Technologies
George Church announced that his team plans to compete in the Archon Genomics X Prize competition, representing Harvard University's Wyss Institute.

Can a Blood Test Detect Autism Early?
A company has developed a simple blood test to identify most cases of autism—but determining if it really works is not so simple.

VC tips on getting your consumer genetics startup funded
Venture capitalists at a panel at the Consumer Genetic Conference in Boston clearly know how they’re frequently seen by entrepreneurs.

Who's Afraid of Your Genome?
“Genetics currently sucks at predicting the types of diseases that will kill most of the people in this room,” complained Massachusetts General Hospital geneticist Daniel MacArthur. MacArthur’s talk, “All Genomes Are Dysfunctional,” opened the second day of the Fourth Annual Consumer Genetics Conference.

Virtual Children, Genome Sequencing for Everyone, and Forget Genetic Privacy
Lee Silver, was the first keynote speaker, spoke about his just launched company GenePeeks, which computationally combines the genomes of potential mates to generate the genomes of virtual children.

New Company Pushes the Envelope on Pre-Conception Testing
A Princeton University geneticist and a former consultant whose son has a rare metabolic disease have formed a company to predict disease risk in hypothetical children based on the DNA of prospective parents.

A New Chapter for the Consumer Genetics Conference
BioIT-World's Kevin Davies interviews CGC co-founder Meredith Salisbury

A Renowned Geneticist Analyzes Consumer Tests
Francis Collins shares his thoughts on the present and future of consumer genetic medicine.

A report on the Third Annual Consumer Genetics Conference
by Paul Morrison, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Off-the-Shelf Genetic Testing On Display
The emerging market of direct-to-consumer genetic testing gets down to

Genetic testing is the focus of new Consumer Genetics Show 

Genetic testing without a doctor's referral 

As Illumina Cuts Price of Personal Sequencing Service, CEO Says Market Growth Hinges on Analysis 

What We Thought - Consumer Genetics Conference 2011 

Would Regulation Kill Genetic Testing?
It could—but the FDA and Congress also could make the burgeoning biotech industry stronger.

Is It Time to Make Money Investing in Genetic Testing? 

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