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Day 3: Friday, September 27 

7:30 am Interactive Breakout Discussions Groups & Report Outs

Grab a cup of coffee and pastry and join your peers over stimulating discussions. These concurrent discussion groups provide an opportunity for all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to gather, participate in active idea sharing, and network with potential collaborators. Each discussion group will be limited to 12 participants and a moderator. Additionally, each group will take notes and report key findings in a large group share at the end. These notes will be available to attendees post-conference. 

Table 1: Nanotechnologies for Personalized Medicine

Srinivas (Sri) Sridhar, Ph.D., Director, NSF IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Center and Director, Electronic Materials Research Institute, Northeastern University; Lecturer on Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School 

Nannotechnologies are essential to recognizing biomarkers with unprecedented sensitivities required for developing a personalized -omic profile.

  • Personalized therapeutics through targeted nano-delivery of agents to repair the aberrations in the genetic and -omic network
  • Engineering personalized medicines using nanoscale technologies
  • Social, ethical and policy issues of personalized nanomedicines

Table 2: Mobile Health Apps

Martin Mendiola, M.D., MPH, Director, Clinical Program Development, Happtique

Mobile health apps are attempting to change the healthcare landscape by empowering patients to record and monitor their health.  

  • What is the role of mHealth? How will successful integration of mHealth change healthcare?
  • What types of patients (realistically) stand to benefit most from mHealth?
  • What are the obstacles preventing the full integration of mHealth in healthcare?
  • If successful, what are some potential risks/ consequences?

Table 3: Customer View on Consumer Genome Data

Meredith Salisbury, Senior Consultant, Bioscribe

This discussion looks at the customer view on consumer genome data and is open to anyone who has received results from 23andMe, Navigenics, genome sequencing, or other genetic tests. Review your data before the conference so you can come prepared to discuss!  

  • How has the information been useful or not useful to you?
  • Did you do anything about it?
  • Was the data accurate?
  • How does your experience help to define the value of genetic information currently available to consumers?

Table 4: The Security Question

Allison Byrum Proffitt, Editorial Director, Bio-IT World

  • What are real risks in terms of data security for consumer genomics? Are the risks different than those for genomics research?
  • How can consumer genomics safely contribute to research?
  • What initiatives are in place, or are needed, to make the most of the data we’re gathering?


Table 5: Reporting Incidental Findings

Diddahally (Raju) Govindaraju, Ph.D., Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School

  • Who controls the discussion, patients, physicians, regulators?
  • What should get reported and when?


Digital Consumer Healthcare: Health Tracking Applications, Demos & Case Studies 

8:30 Chairperson's Remarks
John Boyce, President and CEO, GnuBIO 

8:35 Oversight = Opportunity: Regulation, Innovation and the Power of Mobile Health Apps

Martin Mendiola, M.D., MPH, Director, Clinical Program Development, Happtique

With over 40,000 health care apps in the app marketplace and little barrier to entry, patients and health care professionals have little information about app security, credibility, and functionality. Happtique's Health App Certification Program was developed to address those issues. With the right kind of industry oversight, apps have the power to not only change the way patients manage their health, but transform patient-centered care across the entire industry.

9:05 DTC 2.0: Genomics in a Digital Health World

Anish Sebastian, Co-Founder and CEO, 1eq

Julia Oh, CSO, 1eq

1eq has created a consumer digital health platform that integrates genetics and lifestyle information to produce a clear health picture with actionable items for its user to live a better and healthier life. Case studies will be presented to show how this platform has changed user behavior. The 1eq App offers a unique DTC technology to the masses by making genomics a piece of the overall health puzzle.

9:35 Innovative Solutions for Effective Disease Management

Georgia Mitsi, MSc, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, Apptomics LLC

Apptomics is a digital health company developing innovative solutions for neurodegenerative diseases. We will describe a mobile application that allows daily data capture (disease features, severity, medication log, etc.) in combination with a wearable sensor system that objectively measures motor symptoms. Patients stay involved with their health, caregivers can offer their help in a meaningful way, and doctors can make more informed decisions that lead to more effective disease management. Attendees will understand how the new technologies can help Parkinson's patients understand the challenges associated with new technologies in healthcare.

10:05 Coffee Break, Last Chance for Exhibit & Poster Viewing 


Consumer Landscape: Current Opportunities and the Big Picture 

10:35 Be The Match®, The National Marrow Donor Program's Role in Consumer Genetics

Eric P. Williams, Ph.D., Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Bioinformatics Research, Be The Match Registry, National Marrow Donor Program

Established in 1986, The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) operates the Be The Match® registry and oversees operation of the C.W. Bill Young Program mandated by Congress. For most of the 10.9 million volunteer donors and 185,000 cords listed on the registry, typing is done at the DNA level and covers five genes in the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) of chromosome 6. This region governs the immune system, pharmacogenomic and disease interactions and can be used to determine ancestral origin. The highly polymorphic MHC complicates the process of determining reliable genotype results for most DNA sequencing technologies including Next-generation Sequencing. There are numerous synergistic relationships that would aid NMDP efforts to increase their registry size and offer genetic population, typing results interpretation, reference sequence, and geospatial orientation help to consumer genetics providers interested in enhancing typing results for the MHC. The NMDP has expertise that would help consumer genetics providers determine results for an area of the genome that is notoriously complicated and hard to interpret. We will present an understanding of NMDP's mission and areas of expertise, areas for collaboration, and how we could be helped by providers.

11:05 Alice in Genomeland: Lessons from A Reluctant Biotech Entrepreneur

Anne Morriss, Founder and CEO, Genepeeks

From diagnosis to fundraising to product launch, this talk captures the key lessons from one mother's experience turning her son's inheritance of a rare genetic disorder – MCAD Deficiency -- into the inspiration for a consumer genetics company. The company, Genepeeks, predicts the genetic profile of a child pre-conception by simulating the genetic reduction and recombination that occur naturally during reproduction, digitally weaving together the DNA of prospective parents.

11:35 Closing Plenary Keynote - Consumer Genomics: From Niche to Mainstream

SpencerWellsSpencer Wells, Ph.D., Explorer-in-Residence and Director, The Genographic Project, National Geographic Society

The world of consumer genomics has transformed over the past decade. What was once an expensive, niche hobby limited to a small number of genealogists has exploded. 2013 saw the millionth person tested, and around half of these have done so through National Geographic’s Genographic Project. I will discuss Genographic as a model for consumer engagement, and speculate on longer-term trends in the industry as testing goes mainstream. > Learn More About the Science Behind the Genographic Project 


12:25 pm Q&A/Discussion/Closing Remarks  

12:45 Close of Conference

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